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Can you really gain muscule with a TRX Workout plan ?

TRX (Total Resistance exercise) literally means “total resistance exercise”. It is an accessory that can be used in weight training sessions as well as in fitness training. It is made up of two straps that can be attached at one end to perform muscle strengthening sessions. It can be attached on the other side to various supports: a wall, a door, a pull-up bar, a tree, etc…

With the TRX straps we can work the whole body and it is ideal for muscle strengthening. They offer a multitude of exercises and promotes the work of deep muscles. Its exercises are performed in suspension to work the muscles in different ways. The workout done with the TRX will always be done at body weight and this always working the sheathing of the abs to maintain a balance.

The straps are available in various variants; from the Go model, which is fairly light and intended for travel, to the Home range, which is more mid-range, to the Pro version, which is more expensive but can withstand a more intensive session. Finally, there is a model that is a little on the fringe, the “Rip Trainer”, which is more suitable for rotations, as it is not in the form of straps but of a rigid bar. It is best used to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the trunk and to target the back muscles.

By whom and how was it invented?
The Total Resistance exercise was invented by Randy Hetrick, an elite commando of the US NAVY special forces (also known as “Navy Seal”).
It is first to answer a problem of training, that the commander Hetrick invents what will become the Total Resistance exercise. He noticed that in case of deployment, it was impossible to do muscle strengthening in a conventional way. Hetrick came up with the idea of hanging a parachute from a tree and performing his first training sessions with his improvised strength training equipment.

It was easy to carry and store, and already allowed him to do his reps with minimal preparation.
Once he returned to the U.S., he decided to commercialize his idea by trading in his parachute straps for more traditional adjustable straps.
His TRX straps quickly became part of the sport routine of the entire U.S. Army; they have already sold several million copies since 2005.


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The strengths of the Total resistance exercise
This tool allows you to vary the incline, time under tension and range of motion for any muscle or body part. Whether it’s the shoulders, back, arms, thighs, abs and other muscles. These strength training exercises are as intense as lifting weights, barbells or dumbbells. You won’t need to go to the gym if you have a good rack to hang your trx on. Your training can be done wherever you want. Be careful, this support for anchoring the straps must be very solid.

With the trx straps, you can work all the muscles but also the abdominals, and the obliques of the abdominal belt. You will improve your flexibility. Whether it’s your back, arms, legs, abs, glutes or exercises like push-ups or even squats, beware of soreness!

The disadvantages of training with a trx program
There are some, as with any training, but here they are in the minority.
A circuit training with this type of bodybuilding strap allows you to work the entire body by adapting the force you want to impose on your muscles.
This guarantees a constant and progressive progression while exercising at home.
If there were a flaw, it would perhaps be the systematic solicitation of muscle groups of the upper and lower body and the abdominal strap, which is almost inevitable with this type of equipment following the use of straps. This is called tri-muscle training.
This makes strength training with the trx particularly intense. And finally, if the trx support is not reliable, it can be dangerous if you fall.

Example of TRX exercises
A typical workout or trx training or trx force (as the Americans say), can be quite simple. To begin, perform rounds including push ups, lunges and then sessions varying the amplitude according to your level: 35 to 40 seconds per muscle with rests of about 2 minutes. Approximately 5 to 6 rounds are necessary in order to get results and gain muscle. Be sure to control the movement in order to work only the desired areas. Each movement must obviously be done correctly to avoid injury. A manual of all the exercises is usually provided with the purchase of TRX straps.


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